under construction
: dialogues on transformation

: Abdoumaliq Simone (USA/urbanism) : Armin Linke (Italy/photography) : Armin Medosch (Austria/Information technology)
: Constant (The Netherlands/arts) : Daniel Jewsbury (UK/literature) : Giancarlo De Carlo (Italy/urbanism)
: Israel Rosenfield (USA/France/neurology) : John Lonsdale (UK/The Netherlands/urbanism)
: Luc Steels (Belgium/artificial intelligence) : Maria Stroemme (Norway/nanotechnology) : Monica Narula (India/new media)
: Sarat Maharaj (UK/visual arts) : Simon Sadler (UK/history) : Stuart Hall (UK/cultural studies)
: Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/visual arts) : Yona Friedman (Hungary/France/architecture)

Kunsthalle Basel
ETH Studio Basel

“Under Construction” is a multidisciplinary project that addresses transformation and conceptualizations of change in contemporary society. A series of international thinkers and practitioners from various disciplines and intellectual backgrounds will test ideas drawn from their practical work and from the observation of the contemporary cultural terrain.
The dialogues will take place at the Kunsthalle Basel during the renovation works and will mark the material and institutional renovation of the Kunsthalle and the establishment of Studio Basel as a research institute of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic (ETH Zurich).


Events at Stadtkino:

 18 November 2003:
Dissolution of the relation between vision and place:
- Sarat Maharaj (UK/visual arts)
- Armin Linke (Italy/photography)

2 December 2003:
Activation of the public sphere:
- Cesare Pietroiusti (Italy/arts)
- Lorenzo Romito (Italy/arts/urbanism)

16 December 2003:
Contemporary urban warfare and political architecture:
- Eyal Weizman (Israel/architecture)
- Daniel Jewesbury (Northern Ireland/literature)

13 January 2004:
Managing knowledge overload in architecture:
- Stefano Boeri, domus (Italy/urbanism)

27 January 2004:
Impact of new media on daily life interaction individual-institutions:
- Armin Medosch (Austria/Information technology)

9 February 2004:
Cultural distances and processes of engagement:
- Yto Barrada (France/Morocco/visual arts)
- John Lonsdale (UK/The Netherlands/urbanism)

9 March 2004:
Perception of the self and non-hierarchical communities:
- Yona Friedman / Ulrike Jehle (Hungary/France/architecture)
- Israel Rosenfield (France/US/neurology)
- Luc Steels (Belgium/artificial intelligence)
- Monica Narula (India/visual arts)


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