Do-It-Youself Suburbia - A Portrait of an Informal Settlement

Students: Esther Mecksavanh, Fabio Aliberti
Location: Group work in Belgrade
Date: July, 2006
Type: Research project, student work, north fringe – plain wild turbo folk culture

Kotez and the area along the regional road toward Zrenjanin, on the north perimeter of Belgrade across the Danube are almost entirely wild suburbs that include housing but also intense commercial developments. This is where Belgrade reaches its city limits and the region borders to the region of Vojvodina. The commercial part of this area can be described as a kind of a wild Vegas Strip along the regional road. The housing is a particular mix between suburban and rural agricultural typologies – still dependent on the immediate connection to the city. Architecturally, what we find here can be labeled as 'turbo-folk' style. Similar conditions can be found on the southern and eastern flanks of Belgrade.

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