Wild Rich

Students: Pascal Bögli, Jonas Fritschi
Location: Group work in Belgrade
Date: July, 2006
Type: Research project, student work

Padina is an unique urban entity, developed mostly between 1995 and 2000. It was built completely illegally and it is one of the best examples of 'wild architecture', characteristic of Belgrade's development in that period. Surprisingly, Padina consists of individual housing for the higher incomes. Also, for a villa quarter, its density is remarkably high. Some of these houses have been retroactively legalized or are in the process of being legalized.
The work will investigate the social structure, the language of informal architecture (turbo style), characteristics of the spontaneously generated urban plan, infrastructures, communal spaces and the whole process of negotiation that lead to the realization of this area. It would also try to find out if the inhabitants now feel satisfied with their houses and their quarter.

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