M4: Week 2. Reviewing students’ work

M4: Week 2. Reviewing students’ work

During this week we were introduced to a comparatistic way of engaging with architectural history and theory. We analyzed what emphasis have been put where in different theoretic edifices, and what kind of schemes and concepts they have proposed as mediating between these dimensions.

Also, we had two ‘input’ lectures for our analysis, one from Klaus Wassermann on Formalization and Creativity and from Keith Lilley on The Medieval World in Urban Form.


Find the students’ work here:

Aleksandar Lalovic (Audio)

Hideaki Takenaga on Metabolism (Audio)

Jesper T. Christensen on Tectonics (Audio & Presentation)

Jorge Orozco on Daniel Libeskind (Audio & Presentation)

Magda Osinska on Peter Zumthor (Audio & Presentation)

Mihye An on Bernard Tschumi (Audio & Presentation)

Nikola Marincic on Adolf Loos (Audio)

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