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Connected Real Estate

HOW MUCH ENERGY COULD AN ORGANISATION SAVE if the heating, air conditioning and power consumption were regulated according to the number of people in the building? How much additional value could building owners generate if they had a more accurate picture of the way their services were being consumed and could charge tenants accordingly?

Connected Real Estate The way smart buildings will florish
MAS pump up my chair Free internal pressure forming
SaloneSatellite CAAD presents digital chain on Furniture fair in Milano 2007

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Denken in Systemen

The Swiss architect Fritz Haller was the most established system designer in switzerland during the 1960s. His urban megastructures, network structures, geometrical experiments, and particularly his USM Haller furniture collection are a well-known reference in architecture. From current information technology point of view it is attractive for us to re-think and re-interpret Fritz Haller's architectural key concepts, as well as his architectural terminology, such as node, network, or system.

Denken in Systemen In Collaboration with the Technical University Vienna
Graustufen - Ein Atlas Schweizer Wohngebäude als XML Daten
Von der Utopie zur Strategie technology based urban systems

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Under the name "" an alliance was created at ETH Zurich, with the goal to develop a worldwide standard for electrical intelligence. Basis for this is a new chip - developed with the collaboration of ETH Professor Ludger Hovestadt - a chip with a large potential for saving electricity. ...>> A worldwide standard for electrical intelligence
CAAD researcher named as a Forum Nokia Champion Nokia rewards ETH CAAD member Steffen P. Walz
Best Paper Award at PST 2006! Paper on Privacy Enhancement System wins Best Paper Award at PST 2006.

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Caad Teaching

Bachelor of Architecture: CAAD II ss07

Master of Advanced Studies
in Architecture, CAAD

Programmieren statt Zeichnen

Graustufen - Ein Atlas
Schweizer Wohngebäude als XML Daten

DWF- Denken in Systemen:
In Collaboration with the Technical University Vienna



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